Online Stretching with Belgi

Belgi is a well-known dancer, featuring in State Opera, National Theatre and many places abroad (Russia, England, Spain). She participated in various projects and cooperated with significant names (like Please The Trees, Jiří Burian). She is also an excellent ISMFA teacher, teaching children of all levels and ages. Originally coming from Turkey, she has graduated from the State Conservatory in Ankara, and continued in Prague Conservatory and Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.

195 CZK per lesson

Every Monday, Wednesday
at 11 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Thanks to stretching we can significantly improve muscle flexibility and obtain optimal muscle tone. Stretching can cure muscle imbalances that cause back and headaches. Stretching keeps us in good shape, helps us gain and maintain a nice figure. It also improves the metabolic or lymphatic activity of our body and has excellent rehabilitative effects.

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